SOS Fest & Margin Walker Presents: Austin Music Heroes with a New Name

Transmission Events in Austin, TX had always been the hometown hero. Acting as the talent buying company for some of Austin’s favorite Red River St. venues such as The Mohawk, Sidewinder and Stubbs and of course Austin’s favorite homegrown festival, Fun Fun Fun Fest. Transmission Events’ was recently acquired by Stratus Properties, the company who built the W Hotel, once a minority Transmission investor, now own 100% of Transmission Events and Fun Fun Fun Fest. Once head honcho talent buyer of Transmission Graham Williams took his troops and started Austin’s newest booking agency Margin Walker, affectionately named after the famous Fugazi song. Williams had visions of a utopia Austin that looked kind of a like a Richard Linkleter movie. So on top of booking some of Austin’s biggest bills this past year, Margin Walker took on the beast of producing a festival of their own, and so Sound on Sound Fest was born. Since after the Transmission acquisition, Graham was forced into a non-compete and had to find a location for this new festival elsewhere outside of Austin, and not use his beloved Auditorium Shores location like he had done with Fun Fun Fun Fest.

It was only natural that this festival setup camp 35 miles east of Austin in little Bastrop, TX in the Sherwood Forest, the site of the central TX Renaissance Festival. This site already rich with mythical fairy dust and magic seemed to be the perfect spot for this 3 day camping festival.

The weekend, despite endless technical difficulties, monsoon like rain, the star studded festival lineup and vast camp ground led to all-night dance parties, infinite breakfast tacos and just a feeling of unity amongst the Austin community that was unsure of its musical future.

Obviously there are still kinks to work out, as there are any production of this scale, but I think the Austin music community has a new point man and I think it is Margin Walker. We are following y’all.

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